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200 Documentaries & Video’s

More then 200 Documentaries & Video’s are available for intense studie and understanding of the teachings provided at the seminar.

This gives you a full detailed unsderstanding about the Opportunities, and Methodology and eventually the Timing of the Collapse of the Financial System.


Quality of Documentaries

Years of Research and Study of honderds of Video’s and Documentries have led to a selection today of > 200 Documentries & Video’s.

Every Ticket comes with a complimentary acces of 3 years to the knowledge sites (See Ticket Matrix).  The Documentaries & Video’s selection will continue, and the site will be every 6 months updated with the latest actual information.


3 Knowledge Levels

There are 3 Knowledge Levels;

- Level-01 (Info) - Opportunities

- Level-02 (University)   - Opportunities / Methodology

- Level-03 (Timing-University) - Opportunities / Methodology / Timing.


Timing-University / University / Info

- Collapse of Financial System                   (Opportunities)

- Transfer of Wealth                                       (Opportunities)

- International Treaties                               (Opportunities)


Timing-University / University

- The LAW of Clean Concience                (Methodology)

- MATH of the Stock Market                   (Methodology)

- Perfect Business DNA                                (Methodology)

- LAW of 100 Times ROI                          (Methodology)



- Timing Collapse Financial System     (Timing)

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